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Today Beats by Dr. Dre is launching what the company refers to as its most advanced headphone, the Beats Studio3 Wireless.

Featuring the same sleek design as its predecessor, the Studio3 Wireless boasts revamped acoustic components, while having taken advantage of an upgraded manufacturing process for premium ergonomic comfort and optimal noise isolation. The internal DNA now unlocks the full potential of the headphones’ acoustic design.

Bluetooth connectivity is just a step away, as iPhone users can then switch back and forth between devices logged into the same iCloud account, allowing you to seamlessly transition from conversing to watching or listening to music, videos, etc.

The battery life of Studio3 is nearly double that of its predecessor thanks to the implementation of the Apple W1 chip, ultimately totaling 22 hours of playback. For additional hours of usage, simply switch the Pure ANC off, and you can cruise in a lower mode. Once the headphones are dead, just 10 minutes of charging provides three hours of play.

Multi-function ear controls allow you to make calls, skip songs, control your volume and activate Siri without ever having to take the headphones off.

Optioned in matte black, white, blue and red, as well as special edition colors of porcelain rose and shadow gray, you can purchase Beats by Dr. Dre’s new Beats Studio3 Wireless beginning today.

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