BEHIND THE BEAT finds Highsnobiety Music catching up with artists and their production teams for a step-by-step breakdown of how they created one of their signature beats. This episode finds us chatting with Supa Dupa Humble on his viral hit, “Steppin”.

It’s been a fairly quick come up for Supa Dupa Humble, the DJ-turned rapper who has found a remarkable smash in “Steppin“, an ebullient booty-shaker that has managed to clock over a million streams on Spotify since its release in October of 2017. Its accompanying video, every bit as bouncy, is also crushing the numbers, garnering the artist a fanbase that grew legion virtually overnight.

In breaking down the beat, Supa divulges such tidbits as the fact that he never (or hardly ever) leaves the couch when writing, and that “Steppin” was – amazingly – nailed in one take, leaving plenty of room for the ‘lit’ ad libs that got tossed in along the way.

See it all go down above and let us know what you think the comments below.

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