In 2005, two friends, Chuck Anderson and Benjamin Edgar Gott, launched a blog called THE BRILLIANCE!. It was a site where they talked about anything and everything, with a simple-yet-quirky design that lent each post about BAPE x KAWS collabs, Herman Miller furniture, or GAP jeans a certain irreverence.

A year later, they brought on another contributor, Virgil Abloh, who at the time was coming into his own as an architect and Chicago-based creative, developing the level of taste he's known for today. Some of his earlier posts cover eating at Chicago's Polo Bar to why bootleg Gucci tees are better than the legit versions.

In 2010, THE BRILLIANCE! went on a three-year hiatus before coming back in 2013, and relaunched again earlier this year, featuring additional guest contributors. But its initial appeal and attitude remains consistent.

Beyond that, Gott went on to found Boxed Water,  a beverage company that ditches plastic in favor of cardboard made from sustainably managed forests. He also makes high-end tchotchkes like marble hangers, pottery, and humorous graphic tees that he sells on his e-commerce platform, Benjamin Edgar.

Earlier this year, Gott partnered with Zac Boswell to launch th-oughts, a mobile-based Q&A platform connecting experts in different industries with users who pay $10 to ask them a question. The two recently announced the th-oughts scholarship, a program anyone can apply to that grants them a number of free questions to ask experts.

These are funded through a purchase of a $50 th-oughts "scholarship" hoodie, which effectively funds three questions (the other $20 likely goes into the production of the garment). You can apply for the scholarship at

Benjamin Gott and Zac Boswell stopped by the Highsnobiety office to discuss how they've used the Internet to further their careers, what they hope to accomplish with th-oughts, and also gave a brief history of THE BRILLIANCE! Listen to the podcast above.

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