With 420 weekend just around the corner, it's time to get ready for stoner festivities. Last week, we did our bit to kit you out with the best smoking accessories, 420 ’fits should not be overlooked. Sure, the holiday is all about weed smoking, but you best be looking on-point while you're at it.

For true stoners, it obviously doesn't have to be 420 to light up. But since it's a holiday, why not dress for the occasion? As weed brands cater to a higher-end market with designer cannabis and carefully-designed packaging, perhaps it's time to catch up with this particular strand of stoner lifestyle. The clothes have got to be as good as the weed.

As a rule of thumb when it comes to stonerwear, the flyness should always be offset with maximum comfort – think "homeless chic". Now, to give you some 420 ’fit inspiration, Highsnobiety's Noah Thomas has shared his ultimate 420 ’fit additions.

Scroll on to view the best ’fits for 420, and click through to make your celebration that much more enjoyable.

Kapital Smile Socks

56 Cotton Slub Yarns 3x1 Rib Smile Socks



Buy at Mannahatta

"The Kapital smile socks are not only an easy way to kick off your Kapital collection (or a great way to add to your current one, if you're already hip), they're the epitome of luxurious coziness. I recommend doing the socks and sandals look vs a full shoe to show them off to their full potential, and to make yourself feel better about spending $44 on a single pair of socks."

Jacquemus Le Marcel Tank Top

Le Marcel Tee



Buy at Totokaelo

"Simon Jacquemus never shies away from sensuality, and his clothes are a reflection of that. This knitted tank top is meant to feel like it's not there. The ability to slip it on and off just adds to the relaxed and sexy environment I suggest everyone be in while hanging with Mary J."

032c x Birkenstock 01 Clogs

01 Clogs

01 Clogs


032c x Birkenstock

Buy at Opening Ceremony

"Yes, the 032c Birkenstocks have had very mixed reviews. But, as an owner, I can honestly say the versatility and comfort are unmatched. It's a very easy shoe to dress up and down. They’re very homeless chic, which is such a vibe to be on while celebrating this glorious holiday."

Needles Tie-Dye 7 Long-Sleeve

5 Cuts L/S Tie Dye 7



Buy at Bodega

"Needles is known for its elevated loungewear. Tie-dye is one of the hottest styles in menswear at the moment, and the combination of the design with the 7-cut craftsmanship makes this such a flexy hippie vibe. It's also important to note that no two shirts are ever the same, so you'll forever have a shirt that was made just for you."

Pleasures Misfit Shorts

Misfit Nylon Short



Buy at Bodega

"Due to the rise of tech-wear — along with the late ’90s and early ’00s phenomenon — nylon is everywhere right now. Pleasures is known to draw inspiration from those eras, and it definitely shows in these misfit shorts (which could've easily have been rocked by Martin Lawrence on Martin). These are solid for lounging around the house, but also fly enough to leave the crib, just in case you run out of ’woods."

Story mfg. Polite Pullover

Polite Pullover


Story mfg.

Buy at ln-cc

"For those who might not be familiar with Story mfg., the London-based brand focuses on sustainability by using plant-based dyes and organic hand-woven fabrics. When partaking in herbal consumption, why not add to that feeling of being one with the earth by wearing garments that have a rich and natural manufacturing process? It’s also quite festive."

Eytys Semi-Sheer Satin Shirt

Semi-Sheer Satin Shirt



Buy at Matchesfashion

"While rolling your Sherbinski Gelato in your organic hemp Devambez paper, you might as well go all the way and make sure you’re as fly as your smoke is. This semi-sheer shirt from Eytys is that light extra-layer that adds glow and grace to the ambiance."

Suicoke PADRI Sandals

PADRI Sandals



Designer Sale - Up To 50% Off

Designer Sale - Up To 50% Off

Buy at ssense

"The PADRI Suicokes are the less beefed up and cheaper alternatives to the MOTOs, but are also more lightweight and less of a commitment. The smaller body also means more opportunity to show off your socks (which is even more reason to slap on your new Kapital Smile cop."

SSS World Corp Snake Lounge Pants

Snake Lounge Pants


SSS World Corp

Designer Sale - Up To 50% Off

Designer Sale - Up To 50% Off

Buy at ssense

"These black snake lounge pants by SSS World Cup would go great with a faux fur rug, some Hennessy, a pre-roll, a black panther sculpture, and gold medallion necklace with a python engraved on it... MOOD."

Aries A303 T-Shirt

A303 T-Shirt



Buy at DSM New York

"Aries' founder and designer Sofia Pantera has been killing it with her graphics and elevated casualwear. This new Stonehenge tee is pretty funny and ironic. It’s a tasteful 420 alternative to the obvious 'high lion wearing a red, green, and gold beanie and sunglasses t-shirt'"

Watch the video below to celebrate 4/20 with us.

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