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When it comes to interior design, the bathroom is often the most overlooked room in the house. But there are more ways to refresh this self-love sanctuary than simply making it smell good after going number two. The right accessories will not only make your bathroom look like it belongs in a five-star hotel, but add an overall sense of wellbeing to your everyday routine, too.

From scented soaps and room sprays to super soft towels and designer toothbrushes, there are plenty of ways to elevate your bathroom. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite accessories to shower your bathroom with love.

Bathrooms are sensory places – and this room is all about scents. And while store soaps are a fine place to start when it comes to freshening up, decidedly more fashion-forward options abound care of Saturdays NYC and Brain Dead.

More ways to flex from your bathroom countertop come from elevated essentials. Peep highlights such as Nomess‘ clear soap dish and don’t forget to upgrade your laundry basket too – try going with this bamboo version from Urban Outfitters.

Scroll on to discover more of the best bathroom accessories to shop right now.

Soap on a Rope

Brain Dead


Moisturizing Bar Soap

Saturdays NYC


Shower Set

Japan Best


Paloma Soap

Tanner Goods


Soap Dish



Vetyver Hand Wash, 450ml



Resurrection Duet Hand Wash and Balm, 2 x 500ml



Toothbrush Fine Bristles 4 Color Set



Porcelain Toothbrush Stand



Porcelain Cup