To say the very least, it’s been an “interesting” week for the culture. Conor McGregor got himself immortalized by way of a pricey marble statue, leaving little hope for those who might discover it post apocalypse, and Elon Musk’s cave rescue mission continues to gather a fair amount of attention... both good and bad.

Amongst this, JAY-Z and his very unfortunate jet ski photo have begun recirculating the web, and Zac Efron got dreadlocks, and while some were willing to let it slide, others just didn’t want to let the man live. With shade having been thrown left, right, and centre, this week’s roundup of hilarious reader comments went on to show there is rarely anything that ever escapes the satirical eye of the Highsnobiety troll.

Be sure to keep the funny, interesting, and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.


Original Post: Elon Musk’s Team Is Going to Thailand to Assist in a Cave Rescue

10. “FAM, IS ELON MUSK JONNY QUEST’S DAD?" — Will Morin (Source: Facebook)

Who’s your source, Lorenzo?

Original Post: Drake’s Influence Reportedly Carries 5% of Toronto’s Tourism Economy

9. “Highsnobiety crew: ‘I am bored.’ ‘Me too bruh.’ ‘... Drake post?’ ‘... yup.’” — Lorenzo Marsella (Source: Facebook)

Damn, that’s cold

Original Post: JAY-Z Riding a Jet Ski Is Twitter’s New Favorite Meme

8. “JAY be finding a way to look like a herb no matter what he does.” - Arcieri Keness (Source: Highsnobiety)

We’re still waiting too

Original Post: Drake Appears to Fire Shots At Kanye West on “Behind Barz” Freestyle

7. “Pornstar Papi still going at Ye coz Quentin is not yet done writing the career-ending diss track for Pusha.” — James Spont (Source: Facebook)

So... did you cop, Corey?

Original Post: Here’s How Instagram is Rocking the “Utility Black” YEEZY 500 Desert Rats

6.  “These will be a hit at the nursing home!” — Corey Cordless (Source: Facebook)

Let the man live!

Original Post: The Internet Is Mad at Zac Efron and His Dreadlocks

5.  “And I’m over here worried about breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” — Evan Moses (Source: Facebook)

Seriously though...

Original Post: Justin Bieber Confirms Engagement to Hailey Baldwin

4.  “Which one is Bieber?” — Adrian Pardo (Source: Facebook)

Who else is starting to think ‘Astroworld’ isn’t real?

Original Post: Travis Scott & FKi 1st Are Reportedly Making a Sequel to ‘Drugs You Should Try It”

3. “Can we get ‘Astroworld’ first?” — Rajat Puranik (Source: Facebook)

“Dear Conor, thank you for this beef we are about to receive.”

Original Post: Conor McGregor Is Immortalized in $66k Marble Statue

2. “Yo when humanity is wiped out and this statue is around for ages and then new humanity forms, they're gonna think this dude was Jesus.” — Leo Jauregui (Source: Facebook)

Howard’s on to something

Original Post: 7 of Our Favorite Chest Rigs to Cop RN

1. “Nah I'm just gonna wear my backpack forward.” - Howard (Source: Highsnobiety)

And in honor of the man’s birthday, check out Conor McGregor’s most aggressive style moments right here.

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