With another week of news behind us, we take a look at some of the biggest stories that really got our audience talking. Adding a considerable amount of fuel to the ever-blazing comment fire was Bella Hadid’s hilarious sneaker shopping video, Burger King’s low-key McDonald’s dig, and Pizza Hut’s release of some seriously good workwear for its employees.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

Original Post: Can Fendi’s New Sock Trainer Compete With Balenciaga?

10. “Sock shoes are the mumble rappers of the sneaker world.” — Claxton El Handax IV

Original Post: Burger King Trolls McDonald’s During ‘IT’ Premiere & Moviegoers Were Lovin’ It

9. “Burger King is shaking because McDonald’s brought back them Chicken Tenders.” — Andres Burrows-Garibay

Original Post: The New Apple iOS 11.1 Emoji Are Here & More Gender-Neutral and Food-Obsessed Than Ever

8. “Finally, Trader Joe's wontons getting the recognition they deserve.” — Ariana Joharjian

Original Post: Here’s How Twitter Reacted to Bella Hadid’s Sneaker Shopping Video

7.  “Everyone is mad cause Bella was low key vibing with Joe. It's okay guys! We can be happy for others!” — Jose Baylon

Original Post: McDonald’s Quells Embarrassing ‘Rick and Morty’ Fans With Extended Szechuan Sauce Roll-Out

6.  “Adult Rick and Morty fans are the spiritual successors to the kid in middle school who used to point out your bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh cards.” — Natalie Murfin

Original Post: Kodak Black Indicted on Sexual Conduct Charges

5. > “I guess people were wrong when they said he didn't have bars”  — Rob Swierczek

Original Post: Pizza Hut Just Dropped Its Very Own Workman Jacket

4. “Looks solid though. Gotta start working there again and steal sum, then resell ’em on ebay for astronomic prices.” — Bun Thang

Original Post: USA Crashed out of the World Cup and Twitter Is Mad AF

3. “There is a national football team in the US?” — Pl Nrd

Original Post: Tommy Hilfiger Takes It Back to the ’90s With Tommy Jeans Collection

2. “Well, bringing back old styles, yeah. But not bringing back old prices I see.” — Mauro Markov

Original Post: Go Twelve Rounds With READYMADE & BAPE’s New Boxing Gloves

1. “The ‘Fuck Thupreme, banging on my chest’ guy is going to cop and go back to the streets looking for another challenge. Better turn those Bogos inside out kids.” — Michael Flanagan III

And for more comical news, condoms are now being made to fit smaller dicks. Check it out here.

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