As you may have heard, Highsnobiety has teamed up with PAQ — aka streetwear’s favorite YouTubers: Danny, Elias, Shaq, and Dexter — to scour the platform and find the best dressed the web has to offer. The awards — Best Dressed YouTuber Awards, or the BDY’s for short — will aim to shine a light on these dope content creators, as well as proving an online alternative to TV’s countless fashion competition shows.

There are 15 nominees in total, split into three groups — Lightweights, Middleweights and Heavyweights — depending on how many social followers they have. The final winner of each round is voted by you, the public.

As Shaq states, “the whole point of this award is to actually celebrate the different styles of people from different walks of life. A fun healthy competition though, nothing but good vibes.”

After introducing you to the Lightweights, PAQ now brings you the Middleweights. Yet, as you’ll spy in the video, there’s nothing middleweight about the threads in the wardrobes of Kai, Magnus, Jacob, Harrison or Kofi.

Voting closes May 18 — just tap the icon in the top right corner of the video to place your vote. And, if you change your mind, you can alter your vote at any point in the lead up to 23:59 PST on the 18th.

Should any of the featured Middleweights have caught your eye, here’s a list of links to their individual accounts.

Kai Bent-Lee

Magnus Ronning

Jacob Starr

Harrison Nevel

The Unknown Vlogs

And here’s where you can sign up to PAQ’s channel.

Who did you vote for in the Middleweight category?

Now meet the Lightweight contenders in the Best Dressed YouTuber Awards.

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