As men seek to accessorize in more ways than ever, earrings are making a piercing comeback among the most fashion-forward guys. And rightly so – when the drip doesn’t quite shine bright enough with bracelets, rings, and chain necklaces, a little sparkle from your ear lobe can be the ultimate flex.

Whatever preconceptions of earrings you had before, a wave of options from new jewelers and steezy brands alike have reinvented the earring to new heights of popularity. Done out in interesting new shapes in all kinds of metals and materials, select pieces are earwigging their way to the top of our accessory shopping list for 2019.

You’ll no doubt still have the unforgettable Nike x Supreme collab at front of mind among some of the best earrings for men, still available to shop from StockX for only a small markup of its $98 (for one) initial price tag. More recently, though, cool new earrings have come in the shape of paperclips (see the dope stud by BIIS), plus particularly eye-catching designs by contemporary Japanese jeweler AMBUSH, whose recent unisex Nobo clip earring done out in gold-tone brass is an instant grail.

And of course, if you’re really looking to flex, you’ll want to be repping those fashion house monograms to the max. If money is no object when it comes to pimping your ears, a particularly dope iridescent pair by Chanel featuring the late Lagerfeld’s interlocking Cs are also available to cop via resale sites, with lowest asks exceeding £1,000.

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Disrupted 22 Earrings

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Paper Clip Earring



Plate Earring

Parts of Four


Horizontal Earring

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Nobo Clip Earring



Delicate 18 Earring

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Key Pendant Earrings