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Incense is no longer solely reserved for hippies who are particularly keen on everything they own smelling like patchouli and Nag Champa. These new, modern takes on the scented sticks are much more refined, with a wide variety of fragrances to suit any home and nose.

The best-known format is a stick, but these aren’t your average home fragrance. The lavender sticks from Raised by Wolves will be perfect for those nights you’re having trouble sleeping, whereas the “paradise” scented sticks by Wacko Maria x Kuumba are sure to focus your mind to any task at hand.

Of course, once you’ve chosen your scent, you’re going to need an incense burner to hold it in place and stop it from dropping ash all over your carefully curated furniture. From sleek, refined options such as this handcrafted solid brass channel from Cinnamon Projects’ Series 01 — which also comes with its own set of sticks — to something a bit more playful, like this Booze . Radio / CE Chamber from NEIGHBORHOOD, to this unashamedly extra plate from Gucci, there’s something for every taste.

Bring some good vibes and scents into your space, and take a look at the best incense and burner options below.


Lavender Essential Oil Incense

Province Apothecary


Lavender Incense

Raised By Wolves



The Rise And Fall Palo Santo



Wacko Maria x Kuumba


Loose Incense

Earth + Element


Incense burners

Incense Holder

Wacko Maria x Kuumba


Old Joe Buzz Incense Holder Brown



Polygon Insence Burner

concrete objects


Metal Can Incense Burner



Incense Stick Holder