After days of celebrating, Halloween has officially come to an end. We’ve already rounded up some of the best celebrity costumes, as well as the most impressive streetwear-inspired costumes (Gucci Ghost anyone?). But the real winners of Halloween are those who dressed as this year’s favorite memes.

There were multiple “distracted boyfriend” costumes, an amazing Gordon Ramsay “idiot sandwich” couples costume, and a “this is fine” outfit that basically summed up 2017 so far.

Browse our favorites below, and take note for next year’s costume.

“You know I had to boo it to em”

One of Neo Yokio‘s most meme-able moments

Just casually summing up 2017

Salt Bae in costume form

The iconic BBC kid

Gordon Ramsay and Julie Chen as an “idiot sandwich”

A recreation of Al Sharpton’s gym selfie

The scariest costume of all — a fyre festival sandwich

Of course, “distracted boyfriend” had to make an appearance

But this woman proves it’s not only a couples costume

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