Berlin-based, Welsh-born artist Dick Robertz lends his offbeat graphic style to our latest illustrated guide, which takes the opportunity to recap five of our favorite memes from 2015. It was a challenge to narrow our choices down to only five, but certain Drake and Tupac-inspired inclusions made the cut, as well as some of the year's most viral sneaker memes.

Check out Robertz' sponge-style illustrations paying tribute to 2015's biggest internet moments and pop culture events from the Highsnobiety world below, and be sure to check out more of his illustrations on Instagram.

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Hotline Bling

Released in July, "Hotline Bling" was Drake's highest-charting single in the United States since his 2009 hit "Best I Ever Had." But Hotling Bling fervor didn't truly arrive until October, when the 6God released the accompanying music video. Drake's offbeat dance routine proved to be meme fodder for several weeks after the fact.

Netflix & Chill

Arguably Netflix's breakout year, 2015 saw the genesis of "Netflix & Chill," a euphemistic expression that even caused retailer Opening Ceremony to pay tribute with a clever lookbook.

Thug Life

A phrase cemented in pop culture by Tupac, the "Thug Life" meme series spawned almost too many incarnations to count. This Reddit favorite was usually paired with an instrumental outro of Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.”

"What are thooose?"

In 2015, unkempt footwear was often grounds for this derisive cry. Originating via a Vine clip uploaded in June of 2015, the "What are thooose?" meme reached unprecedented heights in the sneakerhead community.

Starter Pack

No convention or cliche was safe from this parody of cultures and stereotypes in 2015. The starter pack meme wasn't solely based in streetwear, but you don't need a sneaker collection to get a laugh out of these.

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