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This week was full of surprises starting with BROCKHAMPTON randomly releasing a new single over the weekend that caught everyone off guard followed by Childish Gambino serving up a pair of tunes that are competitors for the song of summer. As the days moved along, we were also treated to an abundance of impressive collaborations from Buddy and Khalid’s energizing tune “Trippin'” to Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert lamenting about toxic relationships on “Wasted,” and the epic reunion of Father and Abra reunited on “Lotto.”

All eyes were on Ariana Grande and Mac Miller as the exes dropped new singles on the same exact day… But there’s enough love for the both of them to go around. Terror Jr also hit us with “Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me,” the comeback bop of your wildest (and wettest) dreams that we had the honor of premiering.

All those and more in this week’s best tracks.


As their first proper release since the exit of Ameer Vann, tension was in the air when BROCKHAMPTON dropped “1999 WILDFIRE” over the weekend. That the group somehow summon the spirit of OutKast circa, well, 1999 in the opening seconds works wonders on the dissolution of said tension. BROCKHAMPTON has too many musical powerhouses among its ranks to be affected by this year’s highly-publicized personnel shuffle, and this serves as a welcome assurance that their hugely-hyped debut will still be among the year’s greatest musical treasures.

Buddy – “Trippin'” ft. Khalid

“Listen to Grateful Dead and I trip balls,” isn’t really a line you’d expect to hear in a trap-inflected pop song in 2018; but on the other hand, maybe it’s exactly what we should be expecting. Buddy continues to churn out one tightly-wound single after another ahead of his soon-to-drop debut album, demonstrating the Compton rapper’s ability to subvert expectations at every turn without missing a step. Khalid, of course, is this year’s secret weapon for pop hooks, and his turn here is flawless as per usual.

GAIKA – “Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Gas)”

Since making a splash with his phenomenal SPAGHETTO EP in 2016, GAIKA has stood out from the UK’s thriving hip-hop scene with his unshakeable commitment to a dark energy, one that plays beautifully against the typically-breezy tropes of dancehall. A great deal has occurred in the two years since, and his upcoming debut album should play with a great deal more urgency; a pitch-black take on this culture from an immigrant-voice resonates much deeper now than perhaps ever before. Plus he’s linked up with SOPHIE behind the deck, adding yet another layer of discomforting polish to the final product.

Childish Gambino- “Feels Like Summer”

Nothing could prepare us for the heat emitted from Childish Gambino’s surprise Summer Pack. You should never have to choose between any of his works of art, but this slow jam really sets the mood for the season. Summertime and the living has never been easier until now.

Ariana Grande – “God Is A Woman”

All praise to the V with this Ilya Salmanzadeh-produced female empowerment anthem. What’s not to like about a ballad that celebrates women and all of the amazing things that they have to offer this world? Given that we continue to live in a society where women are constantly silenced, songs like this provide them with a voice. In a recent interview with TIME, Ariana described the track as an “anthemic, sultry banger” and we couldn’t agree more. It definitely has that “I am woman, hear me roar” vibe that will inspire ladies to continue to smash the patriarchy.

Juice WRLD – “Wasted” ft. Lil Uzi Vert

There’s nothing like an unhealthy relationship to get you out from under the influence and back on track! Obviously, glamorizing drug use (and substance abuse) is not ideal, but no doubt you can relate to the struggle of trying to get someone off your mind by distracting yourself with a particular type of recreational activities. This single marks the first collaboration between Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert and we strongly encourage them to make more music together (like a joint mixtape) because there’s something special here.

Brodinski – “Split” ft. Peewee Longway

Hop into the nearest vehicle because this banger can only be appreciated on full blast while you’re touching down on the road. If you think you’re not familiar with the Parisian producer, you’ve definitely been exposed to him before through his work with the likes of Kanye West, Danny Brown and 21 Savage.

Father – “Lotto” ft. Abra

Awful Records leader Father is finally back with a supply of bangers that will set your summer on fire. This wavy tune with longtime collaborator Abra is a big mood for all the hardworking monkey makers out there. No doubt that the meltycannon and Nate Donmoyer-produced track will be your new alert for when the direct deposit hits.

Mac Miller – “Self Care”

There’s nothing we love more than a trap track with singing and rapping, it’s truly the best of all worlds. In the accompanying visual for the booming single, Mac Miller is buried alive in a wooden coffin and sort of goes through this journey of being brought back to life and rising from the ashes. It’s all very dark, metaphorical and deeply moving. His forthcoming album titled SWIMMING is slated to drop on August 3.

Tinashe – “Like I Used To”

The bouncy, bedroom R&B jam is the breakup ballad that we deserve! It’s bursting with an IGAF attitude as Tinashe boasts about moving on and supporting herself like a true boss while playfully throwing around some common basketball terminology, (a possible reference to her ex, NBA player Ben Simmons).

Terror Jr – “Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me”

Is your body ready for this contagious bop? Lisa Terror’s piercing vocals will leave your ears tingling as she sings about being her own savior by refusing to follow the “crooked saints” that currently hold all the power. Terror Jr told us “don’t forget to question everything,” but we also want to take this opportunity to remind you that it’s equally important to eat your grapes.

Words by Sydney Gore
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