It actually seems cruel that Frank Ocean dropped a cover of one of the most legendary romance film-ballads ever the morning after Valentine’s Day. It’s as if he knew everyone who went to bed by themselves on Hallmark’s punishment to humanity-day would want to wake up and immediately heave gut-wrenching sobs to one of his tunes. Say what you will about the guy, he knows his audience.

But the week wasn’t all tears and broken hearts. Tinashe certainly heated things up with a sultry collab with Future, another reminder that for God’s sake can she please release the long-delayed Joyride? And if you’re in need of a party track, Kamaiyah has you covered. The Oakland MC with a heart of gold unveiled a song that is literally just about smashing Henny, so go ahead and queue it up for this weekend’s playlist.

All of those and more make this edition of Best Tracks of the Week.

6LACK – “Cutting Ties”

Are you there 6LACK? It’s us, Highsnobiety Music. You seem a bit stressed bb, but we’re glad you channelled it into your latest smooth-as-butter banger. Cut those ties. Like a pro. We believe in you. You’ve inspired us to run through our weed this weekend, and cut out all the toxic wastepersons out of our lives. Cheers, mate.

Beach House – “Lemon Glow”

At this point in their career, Beach House have little to prove. Where the majority of their peers established a style and fuzzed out, this little Baltimore-duo that could continues to not just churn out excellence but tinkers and evolves their sound. “Lemon Glow” is promising an extremely-interesting full-length; yet another LP to mark on our calendars this year.

Frank Ocean – “Moon River”

It’s almost too perfect that Frank Ocean (inarguably this generation’s chief expert on heartbreak) would turn to Breakfast at Tiffany’s (inarguably one of the most iconic films about heartbreak ever made) for a track that he would go on to release the morning after Valentine’s Day. Henry Mancini’s Academy-Award winning song will never be the same.

G Herbo – “Everything” Remix ft. Lil Uzi Vert & Chance the Rapper

G Herbo‘s “Everything” was one of the most hardcore rap tracks of last year – a trunk-rattler that found the Chicago rapper linking up with Lil Uzi Vert on a cut that was classically gangsta and catchy as hell. But with Chance the Rapper on board, it becomes a hilarious posse-cut: a warped Three’s Company that finds these strong personalities enmeshing from their opposite extremes.

Kamaiyah – “Hennessy on Ice” ft. Bookie T

Thank goddess Kamaiyah came through this week for what Music Editor extraordinaire Jake Boyer described as a “truly turnt anthem.” Kamaiyah is one of those rappers that could spit verses about toilet paper and have us shook, but a song about Hennessy in which she assures us “I’ve been stunting all my life” more than quenches our Kamaiyah thirst.

Nipsey Hussle – “Dedication” ft. Kendrick Lamar

exhales deeply Where to begin with this one?! Nipsey Hussle finally came through with the official debut album after years on his rap grind. “Dedication” lyrically speaks to his impressive come-up, and having fellow LA homie Kendrick Lamar along for the ride makes his Victory Lap even more victorious.

Rejjie Snow – “Charlie Brown” ft. Anna of the North

Okay… if you’ve been sleeping on Rejjie Snow, now is officially the time to wake the hell up. Snow dropped his debut album Dear Annie today, and we are obsessed, blown away, the list goes on! The Irish rapper managed to link up with only the best up-and-comers like Jesse Boykins III, Aminé, and our faves Anna of the North on “Charlie Brown.” It’s catchy, it’s absurd, it’s…. On repeat for the foreseeable future.

SOPHIE – “Faceshopping”

Details surrounding its release are shrouded in secrecy, but all signs are pointing to SOPHIE’s upcoming debut LP (assumedly titled Whole New World) to be the most intense electronic album of the year. Where lead singles “It’s Okay to Cry” and “Ponyboy” represented pop-balladry and Berghain-level bass-crushes (respectively), latest offering “Faceshopping” is somewhere in between. But it is, of course, in the SOPHIE-style only she can do, unbelievably chaotic.

Tinashe – “Faded Love” ft. Future

Tinashe…. Gurl… We gotta discuss your latest bop. We are so incredibly down for the tropical island punch vibes, a wonderful cocktail umbrella in the sex on the beach that is your sonic output thus far. And of course, you play no games when it comes to guest artists, so naturally none other than Future hopped on this one. Instant classic, iconic, etc. Bless up, we can’t wait for Joyride – the album!

Westerman – “Confirmation”

We discovered this little gem when compiling the latest edition of our Under the Radar series, but it has quietly stuck with us in the days since. We wrote that “it is kind of music that should soundtrack an emotional montage in an ’80s movie; all the feels without any of the cheese,” but that doesn’t do it justice. It exceeds genre and labels; at its core, this track just soothes.

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  • Words: Jake Boyer & Bianca Giulione
  • Cover Image: Alexander Bortz/Highsnobiety
Music Editor