Keeping in line with the array of treats we stuffed into our bellies this week, there was a plethora of audible treats in the form of new songs to satisfy us in our time of food comas.

This week saw projects released from Björk, Mick Jenkins and DRAM, the latter of whom surprise-released a holiday-themed EP that comes close to being too cute for words. On the singles front, we got an unexpected return from alt-pop icon Ssion, a literal fire remix featuring Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage and an unofficial (but warranted) Lil Uzi Vert gem.

All of those and more make our picks for the Best Tracks of the Week.

Azekel - "Can We Have Fun (In This House Tonight)"

If you weren't familiar with Azekel until just now, you best get yourself acquainted. The British singer with a falsetto that could melt gold is on track to be one of the R&B genre's placeholders. After dropping two EP's and working with Gorillaz on this year's Humanz, we have been given our first taste of his upcoming debut with "Can We Have Fun (In This House Tonight)." Check your pulse if you're not getting chills.

Björk - "Loss"

Now that Björk's album Utopia has arrived, it is clear that it lives up to the promise of its two lead singles in every way: this is indeed an entire record of flutes, bird calls, harps and extremely avant-garde production. It functions best a cohesive whole, but a standout emerges in "Loss," a track about erotically curving spines set to a beat that evokes a slowed-down version of Death Grips.

Dave B. - “Scrolling”

We love a song that references banal life situations, and “Scrolling” definitely delivers. It’s got it all - wiping nudes from your phone, deleting emails, getting ignored by your crush, and everyone’s favorite soul-crushing activity, scrolling through content for hours on end. Bonus - it sounds like Pharrell remixed the Animal Crossing theme music.

DRAM - “#1HappyHoliday”

Our boy DRAM came through with some holiday cheer, and we’re extremely grateful. All three tracks on his surprise new EP are giving us some holly jolly feels, but we’ll have to go with title track “#1HappyHoliday” as our pick. It’s a month before Christmas, and we can already envision ourselves by the fire in our PJs with this drowning out seasonal family arguments in the background.

Farukko - “Krippy Kush (Remix)” ft. Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Bad Bunny, Rvssian

As soon as you hear “Hola, me llama Onika” you know it’s about to be lit. Reggaeton artist Farruko decided to enlist Nicki Minaj and 21 Savage for the official remix of his hit song “Krippy Kush,” and it was clearly a wise choice. Onika raps in Spanish and 21 says he spilled codeine on his Gucci shirt. Enough said.

Jazz Cartier - "How Did I Get This Deep?"

There is something undeniably spooky about "How Did I Get This Deep?," Jazz Cartier's first taster of his upcoming mixtape Fleurever. Perhaps it's the chime-heavy beat that sounds like a haunted music box, made all the more ominous by the undulating, submerged beat. Or that he's moaning "Not even Jesus can save me." Spooky or not, we are here for whatever vibe this mixtape is going to have.

Lil Uzi Vert - "3 Pills"

Although Uzi has apparently pledged to take a break from drugs following the tragic death of Lil Peep, his song called “3 Pills” surfaced on the interwebs this week. While it seems like he won’t actually be taking three pills anytime soon, we’re certain he’ll be able to eventually perform this one geeked up on life.

Mick Jenkins - “Happy Gilmore”

Mick Jenkins surprise released a fresh mixtape called or more; the anxious this week, and the dark boom-bap of “Happy Gilmore” has been on our mind ever since. Beginning his first verse with “Tryna spit my shit, you’d likely slit your throat” is a strong move, and the rest of the song and mixtape lives up to Jenkins’ assertiveness, with insane beats and verses with casual references to his Gucci bag and Keith Haring.

Pinkshinyultrablast - "In the Hanging Gardens"

Yes, that is really their band name, and yes, it is exactly what this music sounds like. The Russian dream-pop band's new track is a profoundly-transcendent piece of synth pop rendered in gloriously 8-bit form. Think the soundtrack to It Follows if it was warm and romantic instead of terrifying.

Ssion - "Comeback"

"Comeback" indeed. Pop-provocateur Ssion has returned with his first new music in years, and what a return it is. His latest is like his own version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," an epic pop-rock symphony that manages to cram what sounds like several songs into one glorious whole. And bonus points for the music video that is half-queer Twin Peaks and half-show business critique.

Be sure to listen to last week's edition right here.

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