If it’s rap bangers than you want, then it’s rap bangers you shall have. This week’s best new songs showcase some of the biggest and best in the game. We’ve got Rae Sremmurd on deck with Juicy J for the most promising single thus far off their upcoming triple album. And speaking of triple, we’ve got a cut from Gucci Mane that features Migos and Lil Yachty – a trio that Yachty has teased is the beginning of a Glacier Boyz project.

And that’s just getting started. This week also gave us the first taste of Azealia Banks’ hugely-hyped Fantasea II mixtape, a new track from A$AP Ferg featuring IDK and Denzel Curry, and a splash of grime from D Double E and Skepta so juicy you may need to wipe yourself down after listening.

All of those and more can be found in the latest edition of Best Tracks of the Week.

A$AP Ferg – “Kristi Yamagucci” ft. Denzel Curry & IDK

Any rap song that mentions eating pussy is more or less automatically entered into that week’s edition of best tracks. Good job, Ferg. The great thing about this one though is it sounds ominous in the best way possible and features a couple of our faves IDK and Denzel Curry. Win, win, win!

Azealia Banks – “Movin’ on Up” ft. Newbody

We are more than ready for Fantasea II if “Movin’ On Up” is anything to go by. Following up from her remix of Drake’s “God’s Plan,” Zeze has blessed us with a sassy 2-step inspired house track that will keep us going as we spring clean the wastepeople the heck out of our lives.

D Double E – “Nang” ft. Skepta

“Nang” is far more than just a banger; it’s a clash of the grime titans, with genre-figurehead Skepta and the revered D Double E coming together for a truly oddball coupling (in a good way). Evoking the kind of globe-spanning fusion executed by Missy Elliott and Timblanad, “Nang” is ultimately reminiscent of the Hunter S. Thompson epithet “too weird to live, too rare to die.” Get hype for D Double E’s upcoming debut album Jackuum!, shit’s going to get weird, fast.

Dave – “Hangman”

Featuring production from Nana Rogues (aka the beatmaker behind Drake’s More Life-standout “Passionfruit”), the latest single from rising grime-star Dave is a dense listen; a track that slowly unravels new layers with each play through. What is immediately clear – on both first and twentieth listen – is that Dave is one of the most compelling rappers working right now.

Diplo – “Worry No More” ft. Lil Yachty & Santigold

Yachty must not be getting much sleep these days – he features on not one but two best tracks of the week, and don’t forget Lil Boat 2 is dropping next Friday, March 9! Aside from our favorite nautical rapper belting out bars with Autotune, “Worry No More” also has Santigold on deck, and gosh darn it we’re glad she’s back! Also, kudos to Diplo for featuring some post-punk guitar riffs over tropical EDM goodness, it’s no easy task.

Gucci Mane – “Solitaire” ft. Migos & Lil Yachty

ATL’s finest link up for an iced-out banger. While 5 rappers on a track is often a few too many, everyone does their thing – from the King of Teens Lil Yachty to the inspirational Mr. Davis himself, Gucci Mane. And yup, Migos are there too, doing their Migos thing. Apparently, this is the first taste of a collaborative Glacier Boyz mixtape from the triumvirate, and needless to say we can hardly wait to hear the whole dang thing.

Rae Sremmurd – “Powerglide” ft. Juicy J

Now gearing up for their mammoth third release, Rae Sremmurd are at a place in their career where there are enough ‘Rae Sremmurd classics’ to measure against anything new this dynamic duo comes out with. “Powerglide” immediately establishes itself as belonging to their best work; the visceral chorus of Swae Lee’s “slime green paint / peanut butter inside” clashes beautifully with Jxmmi’s staccato verse delivery. And Juicy J is here, who (for those that don’t know) instantly turns a track’s quality from gold to platinum.

Saba – “Busy”

Saba’s delivery is truly something special; it’s capable of being conversational and confessional in the same line, even as he works through some acrobatic feats of rhythmic dexterity. “Busy,” the latest single from the Chicago MC, has all of these elements on display, buoyed atop a warm, fuzzed-out production that skitters in unison with Saba’s disjointed delivery. Introspective bedroom rap at its best.

Sevdaliza – “Human Nature”

Our girl Sevdaliza has offered up another one of her song-sermons, and she certainly hath delivered! As per usual, we’ve got some sparse beats with swelling synth lines we want to hear ad infinitum. This time around, there’s gently twinkling piano while Sevdaliza’s voice is Autotuned to the gods. Hallelujah.

SSION – “At Least the Sky Is Blue” ft. Ariel Pink

SSION continues to whet our palette ahead of his sure-to-be-flawless new album with a duet with his fellow oddball, the one and only Ariel Pink. It’s a perfect collaboration; uniting two artists who share a propensity for subverting entire genres of music and remaking it in their respective images. SSION’s lyrics here are particularly dreamy, singing of a love over half-remembered details like “Diet Coke and ketamine.”

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  • Words: Jake Boyer & Bianca Giulione
  • Cover Image: Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images
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