Pineapple and avocado-shaped pool floats are sooooo 2010. Not only were they too small, they were also just not practical for your water-based sun lounging needs. Fortunately, the summer of ’18 will be remembered as the time pool floats blew up, with more ways than ever to soak up the sun or bring the party with your inflatables.

If you thought it was as simple as the gimmick your float is modeled on, you were wrong. There are six types of pool float, and each of them brings a different quality to the party. From ass-in-water hammocks to floats that can be enjoyed by your entire squad at the same time, the classic lido is well and truly a thing of the past.

Below, we've outlined every new type of float, along with the best available in each category. Scroll down to see what your pool parties have been missing, and let us know which you'll be cruising on in the comments.

1. Ass-in-Water Pool Float

Kelsyus Floating Hammock



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Too hot to catch rays poolside? Sometimes you need that contact with water to cope with the heat of the sun, and here's your solution. SwimWay's floating hammock keeps your head dry while your hot ass catches a break beneath the surface.

2. Party Pool Float



Play Platoon

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Bring the party with your pool float this summer with an inflatable that allows you to play beer pong from inside the water. With the capacity for 28 cups, this float even has a built-in cooler.

3. Flex Pool Float

Guwop Pool Float



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BRRRR — not only does he bring the tunes to your pool party, Guwop now provides the floats. Last year it was Kim's butt, this year we have Gucci Mane, for the ultimate in-water flex.

Community Pool Float

CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4



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Get yourself a solid quartet together and sail into summer together on this float with more than enough room for everyone. Complete with a drinks cooler to accommodate a different kind of Bud, this one's for those chill vacays.

5. Grown-Up Pool Float

Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge



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For those who like to keep it classy, grown-up floats are for the ballers with no time for gimmicks in their pool set-up. This canopy-covered inflatable lounge from Intex offers much-needed shade from the sun, and two cup holders for when you're drifting with bae.

6. GIANT Pool Float

GIANT Unicorn Pool Float


Sun Pleasure

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An inflatable alternative to those who aren't living that yacht life, giant pool floats have space for the whole family. All the other floaters will be jealous, and what's more, with this one's unicorn horn and rainbow wings, you'll probably never lose it...

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