After months of hype and grainy leaks, two days ago saw Supreme finally unleash its FW17 collection. Comprising literally hundreds of items, this year's mammoth offering arrived brimming with all the usual oddball novelties and madcap hallmarks. There are chopsticks, boxing robes, electric shavers and a guitar (yes, an actual bogo-clad Fender Stratocaster), while references to the likes of Scarface and Nas account for some of the biggest talking points on the apparel front.

So far, the online consensus seems to be pretty positive, with fans delighted at the sheer variety of products available. Yesterday, we asked you to comment on your favorite pieces, so today we're sharing ours. Read what a selection of the Highsnobiety staff will be looking to get their hands on below.

Brock Cardiner

"Even after 20+ years of raising the bar, Supreme somehow attains a new level of flex with the encased money stack. Utterly useless, the accessory serves one purpose and one purpose only: to spend money on Supreme-branded money and then leave it around the office or crib, or throw it up on Instagram to show off said money.

At its core it's analogous to going to the bank and giving them $100, only to get $75 in return. The difference is you couldn't go to any credible shop and pay with a rack-infused paper weight. The piece just goes to show that the design team at Supreme has no creative ceiling when it comes to flexing in 2017.

It'll be interesting to see how resell works on this... unlike any other product Supreme has ever made, this one has an inherent value. But whether or not it ends up being more or less than what's inside the case, we'll just have to wait and see."

Shane Gormley

"The one piece I really want from the preview is the plain lined overshirt. From the outside, it's one of the most basic pieces, but the inside lining is obnoxious back-to-back Supreme logos. It's the perfect secret fuccboi piece."

Alec Leach

"Forget the logos, Supreme is at its best when it's creating whacky statement pieces. Every season the brand takes a seemingly innocuous garment and elevates it to grail status, usually via some ridiculously OTT patterns. The leopard-patterned M51 and Nuptse jackets, Hate sweater, "Cowboy" jacket and "Guns" shirt are certified bangers from the past — they're exactly what makes Supreme the greatest men's clothing brand on the planet. It's all about the attitude. This season it's this Vanson biker jacket — it's bright red, splattered with box logos and bones. Want!"

Aleks Eror

"I find most of Supreme's stuff utterly hideous (and this season is no exception) but the silver puffer jacket is a masterpiece of late-90s Y2K futurism. It looks like a piece of dead stock peeled from the backs of the Bomfunk MC's or that creepy junglist in Human Traffic. I might actually try nab one then peel the Supreme labelling off it.

Graeme Campbell

"It might still be summer out, but I can't stop thinking about the fast-approaching annual hell of finding a new winter coat. Supreme's ostentatious logos don't do it for me nowadays — a leopard print lining, though? That's something else entirely. Plus, imagine twinning this up with some "Cherry Red" Dr. Martens? Talk about a bomb outfit."

Lia McGarrigle

"Definitely the balaclava. In the depths of the darker months, when all you’ve seen for days is an expanse of grey sky, pulling on your trusty Supreme balaclava will give you the strength to start your day.

Pair it with the box logo sled and you have the makings of a perfect winter."

Chris Danforth

"My closet is mostly greys, blacks and navy blues, so my appreciation of Supreme is mostly theoretical than anything. I always like seeing the graphics, including the hilarious high school chemistry text book graphic, and naturally the "Nasty Nas" shirt from this season. But as far as wearability, my top pick is probably the striped long-sleeve, which is subtle enough to fit into my wardrobe"

Jake Boyer

"Leopard print boxing robe FTW. Because I don't know about ya'll, but I have lost count of the number of times I've thought about how unimpressive my 'getting ready to have sex' wardrobe is. I like to have a statement piece pre-coitus that really sets the mood right, and bless you Supreme for coming up with the most magnetically-arousing piece of pajama-wear I've seen in ages."

Bianca Giulione

“I love a good all-leather outfit, and a head-to-toe skeleton ensemble (including gloves!) in that distinctive Supreme red is a hilariously ideal “don’t you dare fuck with me” look.”

Jaiden James

"Supreme knows how to make tops and that's a fact! This long sleeve polo is all about the details as well as the super cool paisley print — from the contrast collar and cuff to the zip down placket - making it a stand-out piece for sure."

Nigel Minani

"Looking through the preview I saw a lot of pieces that I liked, a lot of which was typically Supreme and a few pieces that could've stayed on the drawing board. However, the whole Polartec line is straight fire and the velour pieces are not to be missed, my guys!

"The one thing I really need to get, the one thing I can't miss and gonna cop for sure: the sake set."

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