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Along with sports sunglasses, color-tinted shades were one of the biggest eyewear trends in the early ’00s. 19 years on, and they look primed for a comeback.

This season, color-tinted shades can be spotted in eyewear collections from expert brands such as Oakley and Ray-Ban, as well as luxury powerhouses like Dior. While there are plenty of colored lenses out there, the most exciting tints are arriving in yellow, blue, and pink. Not only are they steezy, but they’re practical, and an excellent option when it comes to foggy or low-light conditions.

If you’re looking to add an extra pop of color to your summer ’fits, below we’ve brought you a guide on the essential tinted sunglasses to shop this season.

Keep scrolling for a look at the best color-tinted sunglasses of 2019.


Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

Unlike dark sunglasses, blue-colored lenses are ideal for foggy and snowy weather. Blue tints also reduce glare while enhancing contours around objects, so you’ll be able to see more clearly and reduce eye-strain.

If you prefer something slightly darker, we recommend going for Oliver Peoples‘ shades which feature dark blue lenses and rectangular frames. Meanwhile, those looking for something extra will want to check out Oakley‘s latest collaboration with A-COLD-WALL* founder Samuel Ross, which arrive with a transparent PVC frame and dreamy pale blue lenses.


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Yellow or gold lenses are perfect for foggy and low-light settings. They make objects appear sharper, and are preferred by those taking part in sports such as baseball, golf, or cycling. What’s more, yellow lenses are great for blocking blue light, making them an ideal purchase if you’re constantly staring at smartphones or computer screens.

Fortunately, sunglasses sporting yellow lenses are fashion-forward, with plenty of options out there to choose from. Some of our favorites are coming from Spitfire, who has come through with a John Lennon-inspired pair of sunnies. If you want to level up even further, check out this bonkers pair of split frames from Percy Lau.


Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

Last but not least, pink tints are another bold fashion-forward option. Rosey lenses are said to help with visibility while driving, while also blocking blue light. This season, luxury and eyewear brands alike have been putting their own spin on the tint.

Highlights for SS19 include Gentle Monster‘s super-tiny shades which sport pink lenses and green-colored tips, as well as these Kim Jones-designed Dior Chroma 3 sunglasses, complete with rose-tinted lenses and gold-colored frames.

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