There is no shortage of workout videos online. You can find hundreds of tutorials and routines for even the most obscure workouts. From next-level weight training to intensive yoga, there are tons of fitness gurus hungry for your clicks. But, not all Youtube workout videos are created equal. Just because a YouTuber has hundreds of thousands of views doesn’t mean they are showing you the best squat form.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most dependable, interesting and experienced YouTube fitness channels that will help get you into shape the right way. Most, but not quite all, require little equipment with workouts that you can do just anywhere you like.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your weight training, build a healthy lifestyle, or simply switch up your stale workout — this list will have at least one channel that is right for you. Check them out below.

Nike Training

With the high production values you would expect from Nike, combined with tightly controlled run times, this channel offers some of the most digestible fitness videos online. If you’re looking for motivation, you can watch inspiring training clips from the likes of Antonio Brown and Serena Williams. If you’re looking for straightforward, slickly produced how-tos  you can find all kinds of simple tutorials, often running under two minutes.

Head over to the channel here.

Yoga With Adriene

Yoga may not immediately strike you as a full, dynamic workout, you might even think that the practice is for hippies and for people who like to say they are “spiritual but not religious.” Adriene from the “Yoga with Adriene” series proves all of that to completely wrong.

She gears her videos towards specific audiences, offering full-length exercises tailored to a particular group or problem. Whether it’s “Yoga For Concentration and Mental Focus,” (see above) “Yoga For Anxiety and Stress,” or “Yoga for Loneliness,” it’s likely that Adriene has already made the video for you.

Head to the channel here.

Scott Herman Fitness

While Scott’s videos are motivational (a little too motivational sometimes) and well-produced, what separates him from the pack is his keen attention to technique. He produces series targeted specifically at guys who want to improve their physique, offering workouts, how-tos and advice on what he views as the best workouts for particular goals.

Scott’s approach might feel well-worn (and perhaps a little too "gym bro" for some), but Herman provides some of the best online advice for people who frequent the gym. He's prolific, never repetitive and offers one of the most comprehensive channels online.

Head to the channel here.


Kelli and Daniel at put out new workout videos on a weekly basis. These targeted workouts run between ten and thirty minutes, targeting some of the most common fitness goals without resorting to the shout shenanigans seen on other channels. Whether you’re looking for cardio or weight training, whether you want to improve your arms or your abs, this pared-back channel probably has the right videos for you.

Head to the channel here.

Elliot Hulse’s Strength Camp

Though Elliot stopped publishing videos many years ago, he managed to put out over 12,000 clips while his channel was active. His library remains one of the most comprehensive and motivational online. Elliot doesn’t just tell you what to do with exacting precision, he also tells you what not to do — all in his typically off-beat style, of course.

Videos like “Stop Using Heavy Dumbbells” and “Three Reasons Your Back is F*cked Up” help you to correct some of the most common weightlifting errors without making you feel like a physical fitness failure.

Head to the channel here.


POPSUGAR Fitness's YouTube channel is full of great free full-body workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. It caters predominantly for its mainly female audience, but that doesn't mean guys can't get in on the action. You'll find fresh fitness tutorials, workouts and exercises, as well guides to healthy living, weight loss, and stress relief.

There's also occasional real-time workout shows, hosted by Anna Renderer alongside fitness experts and Hollywood celebrity trainers. Head to the channel here.

With a name like that, you probably didn’t need us to tell you that knows what they’re doing. There’s a reason that they have one of the most storied and respected brands in men’s fitness — albeit of the pumped-up, all-muscle variety.

While not all of us may not want to look like the guys in the videos, when you simply want to perfect your form, learn a new workout, or build a new routine,’s vast array of videos are a one-stop shop for your weight training needs.

Look at this channel as the Wikipedia of your workout. If you have a question and want to find a quick video that will give you the answer you need quickly and efficiently, this is the channel for you. Check it out right here.


Some of your favorite classic workout gurus like Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks and Steve Jordan have allowed their videos to be posted on BeFit. Whether you’re looking for videos from some of the classic American fitness gurus or you want to see what some of the hottest new trainers are preaching, this channel has some of the best fitness content the Internet has to offer. With tons of videos from dozens of the best fitness minds, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits you on BeFit.

Head to the channel here.

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