between friends
Photo courtesy of BETWEEN FRIENDS

All feelings of despair aside from the experience of living in a dumpster fire of a world, the temperature outside is dropping at an alarming rate which means that our cold hearts are about to freeze over. Cue the BETWEEN FRIENDS, a trio from Los Angeles making what they describe as “laptop dream pop” for the next generation. Their latest single “affection” is the perfect anthem for anyone who’s been stuck cleaning up a messy situationship, and we’re exclusively premiering the accompanying visual for it. In an email to Highsnobiety, the group explained why the song is so meaningful to them.

“’affection’ is a song very close to us,” they said. “At that particular time we made it, we were all individually and collectively going through a major growth period. In every sense, we kept falling back into relationships that weren’t necessarily good for us. Creating it felt like a therapeutic, almost Fleetwood Mac way of getting through it.”

Thank us later for the introduction to your new musical obsession and scroll down to enter the nocturnal void through the dreamy video.

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Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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