Bibi Bourelly writer's song
Photo courtesy of Def Jam Rercordings

Despite what she may indicate in her new single, Bibi Bourelly is one hell of a songwriter. The mastermind behind some of Rihanna’s most powerful tracks in recent years has returned to the spotlight with the new single and video “Writer’s Song,” a meta take on the artistic process and the trials that come with it. Check out its wold premiere below.

Speaking on the track, Bibi told Highsnobiety in an email that “I wrote ‘Writer’s Song’ when the suits were pressuring me to come up with a radio single. I couldn’t think straight and so I just went in the booth and this is what came out. I wrote it in about 10 minutes in New York.”

Recently, Bibi Bourelly featured on Little Simz’ brash single “Customz.” Revisit that track below.

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