big sean mcdonalds birthday goyard
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Big Sean really likes McDonald’s, so to celebrate that, the fast food chain surprised him with a special birthday gift: a customized, one-of-a-kind Goyard duffel bag decked out in the restaurant’s iconic red and yellow colorway.

Sean was so stoked with the gift, which features his name in bold yellow lettering over red patterned leather, he shared a 10-frame story on Instagram to tell everyone why he loves McDonald’s so much.

big sean goyard mcdonalds
Big Sean / Instagram

From drive-thru staff taking pity on Sean and his crew back in the day when they didn’t have money for a meal, to his appreciation for the Egg McMuffin, to his first voiceover commercial, the rapper had a lot to say about his McLove.

“When I was recording them mixtapes, man. Them Finally Famous mixtapes. I swear to God, that dollar menu saved my life some nights,” Sean said in his Instagram story. “I remember leaving the studio one night and I spent all the money I had on a session. I was broke. It was about 4:30 in the morning and all I wanted was a number two, an Egg McMuffin.”

Sean explained that he decided to pull up to McDonald’s and order anyway, even though he had no money, and “they handed me the bag for free.”

“I like to think the universe was talking me at that point,” he added. “Letting me know that even though I spent all my money on music, that I was on the right track.”

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