big shaq man dont dance explained Man Don't Dance lyrics

Big Shaq has linked up with Genius’ Verified series to break down the meaning of his “Man Don’t Dance” lyrics and explain the nuances of UK slang.

From “She wants me to be her bloke (baby boy) but she can’t cook Sunday roast (shocking)” — loosely translated, the lady in question is getting nowhere with Shaq because she’s no good at cooking a side of beef — to explaining London’s transport system through the line “No Oyster, I didn’t chase it,” Shaq’s lyrics are as British as red double-decker buses. Watch the full breakdown in the video above.

Since the track was released in June, accompanied by a video that showed Big Shaq not dancing in various locations — a desert, a ballet studio, his wedding — the clip has clocked more than 18 million views. Now viewers outside the UK might be a little closer to understanding the idiosyncrasies of Shaq’s very British slang.

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