It goes without saying that we've all been a little curious as to what our favorite recipes from fictional books and TV shows would taste like in the real world. In a special episode of Binging with Babish, we finally get some insight into the mind and taste buds of J.K. Rowling with a special Harry Potter episode of the online series.

Undeniably, this episode is the perfect winter treat, with lots of pumpkin, a plethora of sweet treats and, of course, a round of drinks. The tutorial includes Cho Chang's go-to favorite, pumpkin pastries; Harry's classic treacle tart with whipped cream; and last but not least, everyone's favorite – the Three Broomsticks butter Beer.

Muggle or not, check out the video above to whip up your own magical dishes. When you're finished watching, let us know below which one is your favorite.

When you're finished, find out how to make the lemon pepper wings from Atlanta below.

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