Once acquiring that first million — so we're told — the thirst for the finer things in life intensifies. This appetite isn't solely satisfied by high-priced cars and luxury fashion, however, as now, the worlds of cryptocurrency and streetwear have begun to mingle in a major way.

For example, GQ recently sat down with 19-year-old Erik Finman, Bitcoin millionaire. While detailing his start in Bitcoin investing, Finman also tells of his affinity for streetwear.

“I wake up and I'm just in my blanket made of hundred [dollar bills] and I get up and they fall off my face and I jump into my Yeezys as soon as I get off the bed and brush my teeth with a Supreme toothbrush," he says. "It's just a day in the life, so if it so happens to be flexing in that day in the life, then what a coincidence.”

While partially kidding, this mindset is truly telling when it comes to the connection between a young crowd of cryptocurrency investors and their love for stunting. As GQ points out, "kids are learning how to invest by picking up streetwear, buying into crypto, accumulating riches, blowing said riches to flex in rare streetwear, and going on spending sprees."

Finman began investing in Bitcoin at the ripe age of 12. By the time he was 15, he reportedly had $100,000 USD worth to sell. Fast forward two years and Erik insists that's when he really got into streetwear. Since, he has gone on to acquire piece after piece, so much so that the valuation of his collection is now “probably too much to say.” “I don't want to, I’d feel awful," he adds. "Definitely the tens of thousands of dollars.”

Initially, Finman was drawn in by Kanye West's adidas YEEZY line, alongside various BAPE products. This all ultimately led to one brand that should come as no surprise, Supreme. He quickly realized his obsession was getting out of hand, though, specifically prior to the release of Supreme's uber-coveted Louis Vuitton collaboration.

“It's not out of my price range—that's not the problem,” he says. “It's more like, it's become an addiction—this is what alcohol is to some people."

Erik knows he's not alone when it comes to the cryptocurrency community and streetwear. “The new crypto money is getting into all the streetwear stuff and the Lamborghinis,” he notes. “They're like nerdy rappers. Just the way that people flex in the crypto community, [streetwear’s] become a huge status symbol in the new crypto rich.”

For more on this group of cryptocurrency kids and their love of streetwear, follow on over to GQ.

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