Monday mornings require strong coffee, but that takes on a whole new meaning when you brew a cup of Black Insomnia, officially the world’s strongest cup of coffee. The South African company has just expanded its retail offerings to Amazon, so now US consumers can get in on the caffeinated action.

Black Insomnia’s caffeine content is wild, coming in at 702 mg per 12-ounce cup. To put that in perspective, the average serving of red bull has 75-80mg, brewed coffee has 75-200mg, an espresso has 47-75mg and a 5-Hour Energy shot only has 200-207mg.

Anyone who has had the caffeine jitters knows that coffee that strong can have its downsides. The FDA recommends that people consume no more than 400mg of caffeine daily — a single cup of Black Insomnia is 1.7 times over the recommended daily limit. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll keel over after drinking this blend, however, the limit is only a recommendation as caffeine effects vary from person to person. That said, depending on how you metabolize the drug, consuming too much caffeine can be serious.

Caffeine overdoses have been linked to cardiac arrest and even death, but your everyday overindulgences can also cause side effects. Too much caffeine can cause anxiety, stomach problems, and insomnia. The latter doesn’t seem to worry Black Insomnia, though — its website currently bares the tagline, "#sleepingischeating."

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