While Black Mirror isn't outwardly based on real-life, sometimes it gets incredibly close – and that's why everyone loves it so much. In a new video, Wisecrack examines the psychology behind the chilling series and explains how a sci-fi series can seem so realistic.

Using various examples from the show, the narrator explains how the horror of Black Mirror is rooted in the idea of "spectacle," a concept developed by French philosopher Guy Debord. "Spectacle simply means a "compelling visual display." Obviously there is one main display present in our lives and the lives of the characters in Black Mirror – screens.

Watch the video above to see how the show's creator Charlie Brooker turns everyday elements of our reality and our relationship with tech into the dark dystopian nightmare that is Black Mirror.

If you haven't already become obsessed with the genius that is Black Mirror, here are five reasons to watch it right now.

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