Is Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series fast becoming a reality? Following developments in humanoid robotics at CES 2018, engineers at Boston Dynamics recently shared a clip of its SpotMini robot that looks strikingly similar to something one would find in the dystopian series.

The clip above sees the SpotMini robot extending an arm out to turn the handle and open the door. Moments later, a fellow SpotMini comes to assist, before both machines successfully enter through the door. With five limbs available, the new robot reportedly has quadruple the dexterity of the average human, making it well-equipped for menial house tasks, not to mention more energy efficient.

While a small feat for some, this marks a huge step in robotics, and follows the somersaulting Atlas Robot from last month.

Naturally, people were both thrilled and scared by the robot. While some praised its efforts, others pointed out that the new SpotMini closely resembled the robotic dog creatures as seen in the “Metalhead” episode of Black Mirror.

Once you’re done watching the video above, check out the reactions below.

Some expressed their utter distaste

Others made ‘Black Mirror’ references

A few people made ‘Jurassic Park’ jokes

But Zach Braff had the final word

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  • Main & Featured Image:Boston Dynamics

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