Black Panther is not dominating the news cycle — it IS the news cycle. After shattering several box office records and captivating audiences around the world, Marvel’s latest hit has also spawned some seriously funny memes.

If you still haven’t seen the movie (seriously, drop everything and go watch it now), you might want to stop here as there are some spoilers below. If you have seen the movie or if you subscribe to the unfazed-by-spoilers lifestyle, feel free to read on.

Black Panther itself makes a ton of great references and even includes some of today’s most popular memes, however, the internet is still undefeated as people came together to spawn hilarious Black Panther-inspired memes.

One such meme is the “Black Panther spoiler but I don’t give you context” meme, which is exactly what it sounds like and twice as funny if you’ve seen the movie.

We’ve picked our favorite memes from across the web. Enjoy the selection below.

Black Panther spoiler but I don’t give you context

M’Baku is most definitely a mood

Highly accurate

Watch with sound and peep the Palace cross-body bag

Us the entire film tbh

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