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This writer loves a good finding-your-passion story. After bouncing between the furniture and interiors industries for many years, Joshua Vogel found his calling in the form of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co., a company he started to “reconnect himself with the practice and idea of handmade goods.”

Vogel now operates a studio out of Kingston, New York, where he and his team handcraft each and every one of Blackcreek’s cutting boards, bowls and kitchen utensils. In addition to its wood items, the company also produces its very own cutting board oil, which has been specially formulated for wood utensils used in the kitchen. It’s comprised of a combination of essential oils, bee propolis and white mineral oil, and is available in lemon, rosemary or “original” scent.

Learn more about Blackcreek’s pricing and purchase any of the items in the gallery above on Blackcreek’s website. Some of its products are also available at The Line.

Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland