Steve McQueen may have worn a Tag Heuer Monaco wristwatch in the film Le Mans, but in real life he wore a Rolex Explorer II, model 1655. The Explorer II is still today among the most popular models in collectors circles. Just a couple of years ago, Rolex brought back the iconic silhouette with its original orange hand, after it had been red for many years. Ever since Steve McQueen wore the watch, it in-officially started carrying his name. German luxury watch customizer Blaken brings it back in 2014 as part of its Blaken Vintage Line. Not only does the original second timezone orange arrow hand returns as part of the release, but also the hand-painted dial from the '70s and the original 24-hour bezel. Originally introduced in 1971, Blaken limits its Rolex Explorer II "Steve McQueen" to 43 pieces globally, one for each year of its existence. The custom watch is of course based on a brand new Rolex Explorer II, reference 216570. You can purchase the watch now directly from Blaken.

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