Not only can you dress your MacBook (and iPhone) with these slick marble covers, but now thanks to Germany's de Dolomieu, you have the opportunity to let your MacBook rest on an even more luxurious marble stand.

Each BLOCK, hand-selected and unique to itself, is milled from a 14-kilogram, 6-centimeter-thick slab of marble, ultimately making use of Statuario, which is an attractive white marble that remains in high demand with limited availability.

“We chose to work with marble because it is elegant, robust, and transcends time,” explained co-founder and head designer Ryan Hursh. “We love the contiguity of utilizing this old stone, made famous through ancient architecture and sculptures from masters such as Michelangelo — who sourced his marble from the same quarries as we are — and pairing it with the modern look and feel of aluminum.”

With each BLOCK being custom designed, the accessory has been created to become a near-seamless extension of an Apple MacBook computer. The curves of the marble masterpiece thus hug tightly to your MacBook's edges, while the hand-polished surface is noticeably smooth and initially cool to the touch.

BLOCK is currently available for order in three different models to match Apple's MacBook lineup. Visit de Dolomieu for more.

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