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“Fantasies that are brought to life by form and shape” is the aim of the game for Bernhard Naumann aka Blechmann (Tin Man), the customizer whose reimagining of BMW‘s R nineT bike looks like it’s been plucked from galaxy, far, far away. It’s also named after a Southern German word for chicken — Giggerl.

Inspired by the act of tinkering, Naumann dismantled the R nineT in order to give his perspective a little breathing space. “I actually don’t have any fundamental inspiration. I dismantle the original parts and then come up with something starting from a blank canvas.”

As for Giggerl, the title apparently came after “Friends mentioned that [the] bodyshell on the front was slightly reminiscent of a chicken’s head(!). I then asked what the Bavarians had to say about this. Then I decided to call the machine ‘Giggerl.'”

The Giggerl boasts USD suspension, Modified wheel rims, Tank, panel, homemade seat bench, and hand-made exhaust. The body paint is a combination of black, grey, red, light and dark blue, all of which lend to the bike’s blatant sci-fi vibe.

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