BMW's new "Frozen" line features factory matte paint that differs from any regular matte paint job. In fact, the Protonic Frozen line should be in its own separate category.

Set to debut at the 2017 Geneva Car Show, the i8 hybrid sports car will launch in two new colors, Protonic Frozen Black and Protonic Frozen Yellow. The i8 was first released three years ago in Ionic Silver, Crystal White, and Sophisto Gray followed by the Protonic Blue and Protonic Red.

Through January 2017, BMW has sold 4,464 i8s in the US alone and the new Frozen series is predicted to boost the number of i8s that will drive through the streets, thanks to the custom interiors that make the futuristic sports car even more personal and exclusive than ever before.

The Protonic Black Edition is set to premiere early this year with the Protonic Yellow Edition following later in the year.

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