Unveiled at the “Iconic Impulses: The BMW Group Future Experience” exhibition in Los Angeles, a new progressive solution for the world of motorcycles has arrived in the form of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100. Designed to be the ultimate riding experience, the bike is said to be so safe that it liberates its rider from the need to wear a helmet and/or protective clothing so that they can be more exposed to the natural elements.

Inspired by the concept of being a perfect synthesis between human and machine, the design incorporates the most striking aspects of BMW Motorrad bikes throughout the ages; every detail is of the highest quality and features a contemporary twist in form and function. Powered by a zero-emission solution, the bike also serves as an eco-friendly alternative.

Viewed from the side, the bike's frame lends itself to the character of a naked bike, with ergonomics to match. Other features such as "Flexframe" frame-assisted steering, a Powertrain power unit, analogue elements, self-balancing, a digital companion, and a information-gathering visor serve to introduce futuristic innovations to the minimalistic bike.

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