Bobby Hundreds, one of streetwear's most notable personalities and one of the patriarchs of the genre, recently opened up about the changing fashion landscape for Hypebeast. In the column, he touches on the many factors that have led to a decline in overall interest, both in his brand and the many others that are undergoing a similar struggle. He says it best when he writes that "if you were into streetwear [in its heyday], it was because no one else was into it. If you’re into streetwear today, it’s because everyone else is into it."

With the pervasiveness of the internet and the proliferation of fast-fashion brands, just a few reasons that have contributed to streetwear's demise, true originators are finding in increasingly difficult to retain their air of exclusivity and uniqueness. He sounds off by saying that "streetwear always shined brightest in the recesses of the underground," where external influences were never anywhere to be found.

To read the full piece, head on over to Hypebeast.

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