This past Saturday, February 25, 2017 legendary NYC Publication company Paper Work NYC opened a week-long art exhibition and pop-up shop at Edison Chen's 3125c The Void in Los Angeles. Examining "the inevitable uncertainty of life," the show, entitled Borrowed Time, features new work by four renowned artists - Erik Brunetti, Brad Phillips, Heron Preston and Nate Walton.

"We are not in bodies, we are in rental vehicles. Some are Korean, some are American, some are Jordanian, but when our time in these vehicles ends, when they are blown up, torn apart, recalled and set on fire, we move into new rental vehicles, and with those vehicles we can move to new places; Poland, Saudi Arabia, Japan. But we are only ever renting these vehicles that carry our gruesome organs around..." says Brad Phillips.

At the same time, the event played host to brands including Pleasures, Ignored Prayers and CLOT, as well as many other LA and NY creatives, such as Julia Fox, Natalie Krim and Niki Takesh, who each took the opportunity to showcase their respective talents, debuting all new zines, clothing and specialty items that embody Borrowed Time's irreverent spirit.

Borrowed Time was curated by Michael Krim, founder of Paper Work NYC and hosted by ANP Quarterly Magazine with support from DEPOP. The show is on view until March 8, 2017 so stop by if you're in LA.

Borrowed Time 3125c The Void 801 Mateo Street Unit C Los Angeles, 90021

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