Bottega Veneta's new creative daniel lee has been making massive changes since he got his new role. He continues to rally the @oldceline gang into becoming @newbottega customers rapidly, and it is obvious why.

During miami art basel, Daniel decided to switch things up a bit and give the miami art and fashion crowd a new kind of dining experience. He took over Miami's legendary 11th street diner and turned it into The Bottega Diner. The space is fully wrapped in gold, one of BV's signature colors giving the guests a lux experience when dining. Guests can enjoy burgers wrapped in gold, metal gold straws with their classic 11th street spiked milkshakes and gold salt and pepper shakers. From the napkins to the menus, everything has been re-designed by Daniel.

We caught up with the man of the hour Daniel Lee, to see how he came up with this idea to make this tourist attraction the chicest diner in miami.

What was it about this diner that spoke to you specifically?

I loved the idea of recognizing the simplicity of such an iconic location and reimagining it with a new twist. The 11th Street Diner is a constant recommendation when you visit Miami. It isn’t just a tourist spot. It is a working place. Its unpretentious and welcoming to all. That is something connected with my vision of Bottega.

Did you have a general idea of wrapping a diner in gold, or was it only after you realized you wanted to do something with Miami Beach's 11th street diner?

It made sense to Miami as a city and to mark the launch of the new store. I wanted to celebrate what the city meant to me. Diners are a meeting point, in the same way cafes are in England. When we started looking for locations to work with, the Diner stood out. I wanted to do something fun. We wrapped a sports car in gold in the fall 19 campaign. Miami shares a similar hedonistic spirit to Italy so it felt like a logical continuation. If fashion can’t bring a bit of joy, what is the point?

You get a lot of influence from eras that celebrated luxury and the impracticalities that lifestyle brought with it. In a time where things are so fast and disposable, how do you introduce luxury to this generation’s audience?

By making things that are lasting. Today is a new era that needs a new approach. The idea of luxury itself has changed. The casualness of on-demand luxury seen in the recent past has to evolve. I see this as creating investment pieces that should withstand time and trend. But that doesn’t mean staid or boring. At Bottega we are looking to subvert the seemingly traditional codes of luxury by going back to that era. Reworking those ideas through a modern lens of technique, practicality and desire. Quality and refinement are so important to me.

I’m very lucky at Bottega as absolute luxury is woven into the very soul of the house. We have a great heritage to work and evolve from.

Is gold one of the brands DNA colors to help get people's attention at all?

Gold runs through Bottega. To me it represents Italian exuberance. The way we used it in the Pre-Spring campaign was a symbol. It reflected luxury in a modern and contemporary way. It also signifies the tension between glamour and elegance which is key to Bottega. Gold is joyful, vibrant and luxurious.

When we worked on this project, it was not only about the boldness of the building reimagined. We also added personalized elements throughout the interior. These touches represent the way we use gold at Bottega.

Will you be doing more of these installations worldwide? How important is it for people to dive into your world when dealing with any and everything BV?

I prefer to work on the projects we do individually and give them the unique focus they deserve. Different places, different times, different purposes.

I want to build a Bottega Veneta that welcomes you into its universe. It is not just about product, clothes, shoes, bags. We talk a lot about community. A conversation with our audience. Our products are expensive. We use the finest materials and most advanced techniques. Projects like this allow us to open ourselves to a new audience and show people what our world looks like and also have fun with it.

What would you like your legacy to be here at BV?

To reimagine a classic and give it the desirability that it deserves today. To have Bottega leading the fashion conversation.


The Bottega is open for business until December 14th and is located at 1065 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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