Logos are the single fastest way to recognize a brand, which is why top companies put a lot of emphasis on the design of their logos.

Signs.com put 10 of the most popular brands' logos to the ultimate test: 156 Americans were asked to draw logos from brands such as Apple, adidas and IKEA amongst others by memory to see just how memorable they really are.

Dubbed "Branded in Memory," the experiment displayed the accuracy of the resulting drawings on easily digestible graphs, with some rather surprising results.

For example, one in three people incorrectly included a stalk in their drawing of the Apple logo and 8% of the participants used blue in drawing adidas' logo, even though the logo itself is completely black.

We often see an evolution of a company's logo, in an attempt to come up with the most recognizable version possible. Of the 10 brands tested, IKEA's logo was most accurately drawn by the participants, while little details in the other logos tended to throw them off.

See some of the results above and check out the full study here.

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