The process of traveling is demanding enough, so when you sit down on a plane, all you want to do is pop in headphones and block out what's going on around you -- including the flight safety video. British Airways is the latest airline aiming to revamp its pre-flight safety videos, so that you know, we don’t do that.

In the British airline's new video, celebrities can be seen “auditioning” to a demanding director, played by comedian, Asim Chaudry for a part in the airline’s safety video. First up in the line of British stars is Oscar nominated, Chiwetel Ejiofor, as he’s told that this part could be his “big break.”

A few others in the star studded cast include actress Thandie Newton, celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsay, and of course (it's a British airline after all), Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson.

Next time you find yourself on a British Airways flight, make sure to take out your headphones and pay attention.

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