Omar Khaleel is a third-generation British Arab and photographer based in Birmingham, England. Omar says that his work aims to "capture the cultural themes, messages, and contradictions in fashion, music, ethnicity, and class."

For this latest project, the snapper looks back on his own bi-cultural experiences and how he grew up straddling both Western and Arab cultures. Addressing the portrayal of British Arabs in the media, Omar says that: "The stereotypical media image is often of a Saudi Arabian man in a white head-dress and flowing robes or a woman covered from head to toe in black, set against a mysterious desert backdrop with a camel or two hanging around." With this album, he aims to provide a more accurate representation.

A streetwear and grime fanatic, Omar's album was shot between the UK and Morocco. Recognized brands such as Nike, adidas, and Kangol are juxtaposed with traditional Arab dress and snapshots of daily Moroccan life.

Peep the photos above, and then see some of our street style highlights from Milan fashion week SS17.

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