Back in July we showcased the guys behind Braille Skateboarding skating — or attempting to, that is — an insane glass skateboard. Now they're back with yet another glass deck, but this one is a bit different.

Courtesy of Invizaboard, presented is a bulletproof glass skateboard.

The first glass skateboard that was attempted pretty much shattered instantly, so the Braille fellas were expectantly a bit skeptical, and cautious, this go around. Standing true to the bulletproof description, the Invizaboard deck stood up against virtually every trick thrown at it, however, from drop-ins to ollies, kick flips, heel flips and more.

According to the Invizaboard team, you could even run over the glass skateboard and it would still remain whole. Unfortunately, that aspect wasn't tested, but to see how the glass deck fared at the skate park, press play above.

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