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Bunny Yeager, born Linnea Eleanor Yeager, may have modeled for some time but is more famous for her work behind the camera. She played a key role in 1954 while photographing the soon to be world famous pin-up model, Betti Page. But her work photographing pin-up and beautiful women alike did not stop with Ms. Page. Over the years she explored the female form in the studio and beyond.

Beautiful Backsides is a new photography book collecting Yeager’s photography of the “female derriere.” The photography book spans 1950’s through the 1970’s and features more than 213 images shot just about everywhere. Bunny Yeager’s models do bare all. Our photo gallery of the book is definitely labeled with the big ole NSFW. Published by Schiffer Publishing. Available now from Amazon.

More photography from Bunny Yeager’s archive (NSFW) on the following page.

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