The newly named International House of Burgers wasn't ready for this kind of beef.

Yesterday, IHOP announced a major rebrand, changing its name from International House of Pancakes to IHOb: International House of Burgers. The change is an attempt to highlight the diner's lunch and dinner options in tandem with its breakfast menu.

While the name change is temporary, its rollout caught the watchful eyes of rival eateries on Twitter, many of which were quick to dole out gags at IHOP/IHOb’s expense.

Sticking true to its name, Burger King reigned sovereign in the IHOP-roasting department. The burger joint revamped its Twitter handle, logo, and imagery to reflect its new moniker, "Pancake King." And yes, Burger King does have pancakes on its breakfast menu.

And Burger King wasn't the only fast-food chain to land a jab. Wendy's was quick to throw shade into IHOP’s batter.

And other restaurants piled in, too.

Even non-restaurants felt the need to get involved, with Netflix proposing its own rebrand.

The IHOb name might only be temporary, but it looks like the company will have to ride the wave of Twitter insults until the hype dies down.

Which troll was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

In other news, Coca-Cola Japan is releasing a zero-calorie clear drink.

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