Nathan Tree is a hockey player who has a girlfriend, three brothers, and is visually impaired. His guide dog, Flynn, is his best friend. Nathan also loves Burger King Whoppers and thought it would be cool if Flynn could locate the nearest fast food location for him.

Burger King thought so too and set out to train Flynn to sniff his way to the nearest Burger King restaurant. The fast food chain enlisted a trainer to teach the guide dog to detect the smell of his owner’s favorite burger.

Of course, Burger King filmed it all and turned it into a hilarious and heartwarming video, which you can watch above.

“At Burger King, we are proud to welcome all fans who share the same passion for flame-grilled Whoppers at our restaurants. The Whopper dog film is a great example of how we can raise positive awareness around important issues, whilst bringing everyone together to enjoy their favorite flame-grilled burgers,” said Alasdair Murdoch, chief executive of Burger King UK.

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