There’s no doubts about the weather any more: it’s officially fall and we’re well on our way towards winter. To help out with your cold-weather wardrobe, we’re focusing our weekly Buyers Guides on accessories. Last week we brought you a selection of beanies and now we’re looking at your hands.

Gloves are a huge help if you want to tap at your iPhone and stay toasty at the same time. Some of these will let you do that outright, others have no fingers, some have finger/thumb flaps and the rest will have to be removed completely. Either way, they don’t have to be merely functional.

Like any other part of your wardrobe, you can take this accessory anywhere you please from clean and simple to loud and luxurious. Or you can be like Drake in Headlines and rock a Nike batting glove. Plenty of options here.

All 14 gloves (and purchase links) follow after the click.

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