Imagine loading up a game of NBA 2K17 on this beast? Luxury electronics specialist C SEED has unveiled the C SEED 262, the world's largest 4K widescreen TV.

The offensively wide television measures 6144 mm by 2574 mm and features a 4k LED display with black LED technology for higher contrast. UHD technology offers vibrant colors, deep blacks and crisp whites, while brightness peaks at 800 nits.

Anyone wanting to get online can do so via the integrated 4k media server. Once logged on, you'll be able to blast music out of a six-speaker surround sound configuration. Just like the movies, the click of a remote button will reveal a fabric cover to hide the screen.

"C SEED innovators have turned their attention to indoors, where up to now conventional wisdom dictated that full cinematic entertainment is only available in a private movie theater in a remote corner of a luxury mansion," read a company press release.

Priced around $549,000, we could certainly imagine it in someone like Dr. Dre's living room.

Peruse the pics above and ponder how great it must be to be rich. Once you've done that, head on over to our designated section for more tech news.

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