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Since inaugurating them into the Highsnobiety realm via our Under the Radar series a few months ago, LA’s C2H4 have proven to be quite the label to lookout for in 2015. Continuing with their trademark style of distressed and esoteric streetwear, the brand have recently teamed up with West Coast artist Stephen “Hiyaset” Cartolano for a limited edition collection of art-inspired denim pieces.

Cheekily dubbed “A Fucked Up Collection For a Fucked Up World,” the capsule includes a series of vests, jackets, caps, jeans and T-shirts that are showered with Hiyaset’s quirky yet provocative sketches.

Featuring images that range from aliens and laptops, to pizzas and atomic bombs, the pieces are meant to reflect the bleak outlook of the future often portrayed in the media, while highlighting the positive effects of globalization made possible via the Internet and they way forward-thinking youths use it to express their desire for change.

Peep the collaboration via the lookbook above, featuring members Okasian, JayAllDay and Reddy of Korean rap sensation Keith Ape‘s The Cohort collective, and check out our Q&A with the guys behind C2H4 below.

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How did the collaboration come about?

Me and Stephen first met through a customize denim piece that I want to get from him because I saw him making jeans for my friend Okasian. After that I approached him with an opportunity to design a collection based on his denim artwork and let Okasian, Jay and Reddy to model for it to show his art to a larger audience.

What are the principal themes of the collection?
One of the main themes of the collection is abuse. Many of the illustrations symbolize different aspects of society that are abused, such as power and information.

To what degree does living in Los Angeles inspire your work?

Freedom. The strongest feeling that LA gives me is that we can say whatever we want to through the medium of art.

Words by Nico Amarca
Fashion Editor, North America