Making the move from ‘super silly viral rapper’ to ‘actually serious musician’ is no small feat, as artists like Caleon Fox are learning. Fox found a huge audience with his hilarious YouTube channel SenseiLeFox, which found the multi-talented actor/comedian/rapper releasing tracks such as “No Swag No Swag” and garnering millions of views in the process.

But now Fox is moving into the big leagues, cashing in (some) of his humor for bona fide skills. See for yourself with his brand new single “Semi Cinematic.”

Speaking on the track, Fox says that “This song has a lot more of a significant meaning behind it in comparison to my previous songs. It’s more up-tempo and I want people to hear and feel the confidence I’ve found through this medium. Confidence is contagious when projected right. I’m also attempting to open that door to other upcoming artists by showing them that there is more stuff to talk about other than money, violence, and drugs. Share your thoughts, experiences, personality with your audience. Let’s break through that barrier of the normal go to ‘flex, finessing and assaulting your grandmother’ bars, and actually create a potential masterpiece.”

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Senior Features Editor